Sliding Shower Door

A shower is an essential feature in any home, and the majority of them require shower doors to keep the water where it belongs. More and more Canadians are replacing their outdated shower curtains with shower glass doors in recent years.

How To Select The Right

Sliding Shower Door

Sliding shower doors are renowned for drastically transforming the look and feel of your bathroom. Thanks to their bright, modern style and remarkable space-saving potential! A glass shower door will expand and brighten your bathroom while also improving the value of your home. The importance of a functional shower, from layout to space, cannot be overstated. Before proceeding, you must analyze the functionality as well as your requirements. If you’re planning a bathroom makeover or new construction, you’ll want to know which option is best for you. Because it saves room and is more economical, the conventional tub-and-shower combo is found in many homes. Creating a sliding shower door and skipping the bathtub or installing a separate soaking tub is a new trend. You have a variety of alternatives for both the doors and the enclosures with a sliding glass shower. It is a good choice because glass is naturally water repellent and relatively easy to clean.

An excellent solution in a small bathroom where every inch matters. Sliding shower doors, often known as bypass doors, are among the most popular designs available. By constructing a corner stall, you may be able to save even more space. Though most corner stalls have a swinging door, circular stalls, or more precisely half-circle corner stalls with a double sliding door, are becoming more popular. The doors follow the curvature of the unit, allowing them to slide into a channel at the bottom, just like a traditional stall. A sliding glass door has a glass panel attached to a track at both the top and bottom and glides along with it. It is likely your only glass option if you have a shower and tub combination. The glass in the bathroom has been tempered, which means it has been strengthened and broken into small, circular pieces. On the other hand, contractors employ a lesser weight of glass for sliding glass doors. The cost of the job is reduced because of the lighter glass.

Neo-Angle Shower Doors

A neo-angle door may be the perfect door for you if you work with a small space and have a corner shower. This door consists of two side panels and a flat front border, cutting across the 90-degree angle generated by the corner shower, producing a diamond-shaped floor space for showering. The door is situated between the panels and opens out into the room to optimize space inside and outside the shower.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Bi-fold or tri-fold sliding shower doors (also known as bath screens) are multiple glass panels. One panel is usually fastened to the shower surround or wall, while the other two panels, similar to bi-fold screens or closet doors, open outward on hinges. Because they do not require a lot of clearance, these doors are commonly utilized to save space in a small bathroom.

Curved Shower Doors

Curved sliding shower glass doors with a curved glass enclosure and track-guided bypass doors sit on round shower trays or flush with tile floors, making them perfect for corner shower stalls. The curved glass wall creates extra space in a limited space and makes entering and exiting the shower more straightforward without squeezing through a small aperture.

Frameless Shower Doors

A shower door with no frames is often more appealing than those with frames. A frameless sliding shower door may be a fantastic alternative for you if you have detailed tile work that you want to show off or if you wish your shower stall to be as unobtrusive as possible. It can also be utilized to open up a tiny space rather than cut it down by the shower stall size. Remember, though, that frameless shower doors require thicker glass for stability, which can be expensive—at least twice as much as glass for a framed shower door.

Measuring For Sliding Glass Showers

It only takes a few moments and a measuring stick to find the right size sliding glass door for your shower. The doors are often mounted on the shower pan or tile apron and have two sliding glass panels to access each side of the shower entry. Sliding shower doors from Toronto Custom Glass are sold in (size). However, it can be customized to match a specific door opening. At its broadest point, measure the width of your shower opening. Before purchasing the doors, make two measurements to ensure that you have the correct width.

Run a third measurement of the height of your shower door now that your tape is warmed up. Sliding shower doors are taller than tub doors, allowing you to enter the shower without stepping over the tub apron. Toronto Custom Glass shower doors come in a variety of heights listed on all packages and in all web listings so you can be sure you’re obtaining the proper size.

Now that you’ve decided on the size and style, it’s time to put the door together. If you understand the many glass varieties and which one best meets your needs, you can choose the best glass for your Sliding shower door.

Low-Iron Glass

As the name implies, low-iron glass is made with a lower iron concentration. This helps remove the greenish tinge that most glass doors have, making the view considerably more transparent. It’s also known as HD glass, and it’s a terrific way to make your shower walls stand out.

Also, because the glass isn’t tinted, the light from your light fixtures will shine brighter into your shower. Spots will be more prominent, and streaks will be more conspicuous in the absence of patterns.

If you seek sliding glass shower doors in Canada, you have arrived at the right place. Take a peek around the onsite options to get a sense of what’s available. We are delighted to provide high-quality shower glass doors to bathrooms across the country; whatever your vision for the ideal bathroom comprises, you can make it a reality here.

Clear Glass

Shower doors made of clear glass are see-through. They have a slight greenish hue that isn’t always visible. They may be fitted in any decor-style bathroom and give it a timeless appearance because they are texture-free. They are popular with homeowners because of their basic design. They appear larger and more open because they are see-through. The shower area appears brighter because light from the bathroom readily penetrates through.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass shower doors are a terrific way to refresh your bathroom without going crazy, and they come in many design possibilities. You’ll find something to your liking, from flowers and plants to abstract designs. Just make sure to choose a neutral pattern to avoid being stuck with a plan that will quickly become outdated. When selecting an etched imprint, remember that it will most likely become the bathroom’s focal point. While patterned glass may work in larger bathrooms, it can seem claustrophobic in smaller ones. Patterned glass is simple to maintain because it only has to be washed down to keep it clean.

Frosted and Opaque Glass

Frozen and opaque glass shower doors are becoming increasingly popular due to their different textures. They are available in various colours and styles, and their smooth and soft appearance affords more privacy than transparent glass. Manufacturers use sandblasting or acid to generate the frosted texture on one side. This makes it impossible for light to travel through the hole cleanly. This sort

of glass has one textured side and one etched side translucent. Smudges and fingerprints are also less noticeable than on a transparent surface because of the icing. However, because soap scum can accumulate on this sort of shower door, cleaning it might be difficult.