Shower Wall Panels

Shower design and technology have advanced significantly in recent years, with some truly creative designs taking center stage. We’ve progressed from basic shower enclosures to wet room land, where entire bathrooms are turned into opulent capsules ideal for extended showers. With innovative bathroom wall panel advancements, even shower cubicles may become a lot sleeker and easier to maintain.

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Shower Panels

The private room is frequently associated with concealing what is going on inside and allowing people to have personal moments. Bathrooms are for this purpose, with apertures reduced to a minimum or in some cases eliminated. Bathrooms have become a new consideration for architects due to their importance as a space within a building. These areas are open to the outside, enabling the breeze to penetrate by blurring the boundaries of seclusion – without entirely losing it. What is your impression of this new experience?

Shower panels are a fantastically contemporary addition to any bathroom. To put it simply, they’re quite large showerheads. They install a panel a few feet tall with showerheads and body sprayers that protrude from the surface, replacing your shower head. They’re a complex piece of bathroom equipment that houses all of the fixers for an entire system.

Many customers increasingly choose shower panels to tiles because they provide a similar look without the need for grout. This means they’re hygienic, cost-effective, and an excellent alternative for reducing grouting and ensuring good property care.

What Are Shower Wall Panels Made Of?

PVC Shower Wall Panels

The PVC type of panel is usually the cheapest. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the world’s third most popular synthetic material. Because of its low cost and flexibility to be moulded into stiff or flexible shapes, it is ideal for use as a shower wall. PVC sheets are lighter than acrylic or MDF sheets. That’s because the core isn’t a solid mass, but rather a vertical cuboid.

Solid Core Wall Panels

Our solid core wall panels have a waterproof laminate coating on both the front and back of the panel and are constructed from solid core material such as plywood or recycled multi-layered polymer material. They are completely recyclable. These wall panels, which are available in either a straight edge or a tongue and groove system, can be put on top of existing tiles, making installation even faster and more cost-effective. Another benefit is that these boards are frequently more durable and stronger than uPVC panelling. Solid core boards come in over a hundred various finishes and colours, and they can even be customized with any photograph.

Acrylic Wall Panels

Acrylic wall panels have a super high gloss finish and provide the illusion of a Glass Splash Back at a fraction of the price. Acrylic shower panels may be cut on-site with hand and power tools, reducing installation timeframes and eliminating the need for a templating service. Unlike glass splashbacks, acrylic shower panels can be installed quickly, allowing your bathroom or kitchen to be back in working order. Acrylic boards, like uPVC, come in a variety of colours to complement your bathroom’s style. Acrylic boards also go well with the sleek contemporary style of many modern bathrooms, as well as the functional design needs.

Consider Following Factors Before

Purchasing A Shower Wall Panel


Shower wall panel prices vary depending on the type of panel you select, like style, colour, and size can all have a big impact on the price, but shower wall panels are frequently less expensive.


Shower panels require less care and cleaning than tiles because they don’t have grout. There’s no need for bleach or scourers; all that’s required is an occasional wash with warm soapy water and a soft towel.


Shower panels are less time-consuming and more straightforward to install. They come in enormous sheets that can be cut to size, and all you have to do is adhere them to the wall and seal around the edges — considerably faster than installing each tile individually. Shower wall panels may usually be installed over existing tiles, so there’s no need to take them out first. Most Toronto Custom Glass shower panels come with instructions as well as customer service numbers that you can call for assistance while installing your shower panel.  You won’t need a tiler or a bathroom fitter; most handymen can do it, and they’ll charge you far less per hour than a tiler or a wet tradesman.


The material matters since it determines how long the shower panels will remain in your bathroom. Use stainless steel or aluminum materials if you don’t want rust to form on your bathroom wall panel. Chrome finish shower panels have a brighter colour and a more minimalist look, which is ideal for an aesthetic look. Our bathroom wall panels require extremely little maintenance in addition to being quick and easy to install. In fact, without grout, you can say goodbye to annoyances like mouldy stains and hours of cleaning.

Preferable For A Tiles Floor

Shower walls have the advantage of having fewer parts than tiles; instead of stacking up tiles, you’ll only need some panels to be done. This implies a lower chance of harm in the long run, as well as easier installation. Shower walls, on the other hand, are not for everyone. They may not suit a more historically designed room because they lack the conventional appearance of tiles, but they could look fantastic in a modern bathroom. In terms of upkeep, a quick wipe with the antibacterial spray will have your shower wall looking brand new in no time, whereas tiles will require more effort. Grout is always a problem with tiles, and unless you’re meticulous about washing and drying the walls on a daily basis, your grout will begin to appear shabby after a few years.

When it comes to the advantages and negatives, both solutions are quite comparable, and most consumers’ decisions will most likely be based on personal preference. A shower wall will always offer a more classic finish to a shower, whilst tiles will always give a more sleek and modern finish- it’s all a matter of preference. Examine your bathroom as it is today, think about the aesthetic you actually want, and make your decision based on that; because both solutions are sound and sensible.

Shower panels can help to define your bathroom and make your shower space look more streamlined and attractive. It also serves as a separator between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Toronto Custom Glass provides the best shower panels in Canada to make your bathroom seem fashionable while being functional. Our shower boards come in a wide range of colours, textures, and finishes, allowing you to completely customize your bathroom. In addition, our Shower Wall Panels are a cost-effective and hygienic option for tiling your bathroom or shower area, as well as being less difficult to install and maintain. Whether you’re searching for a complete makeover or just want to add a modern spin to your bathroom or shower enclosure, we have tile choices.


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