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When you build your dream house, you want every bit of it to be as perfect as you are longing for it to be. Every nook is important since you have been planning for months or years about your dream decor. So, here we start with a few essential areas of the house; staircase, entrance and corridors.

What comes to your mind when you think of their design? We would suggest a wide-open entrance with an interior glass railing system with amazing patterns and a perfect finish if you ask. The same goes for the staircase and corridors. Well, it’s a personal preference of so many must have your own choices, but interior glass railing must be a common preference for us.

Now here the confusion arises as there are multiple options available in every marketplace that are easy to leave you indecisive. Let us make it easy for you; all you have to do is to pay heed to a few factors; usage, fitting and durability of the design that catches your attention.

Interior Glass Railing Usability & Fitting

Interior glass railing system is a go-to option these days. Its elegance adds a significant charm to your interior decor and draws the quick attention of everyone who comes across this. To achieve this excellence in your decor, you may go for three different styles that will surely outshine the overall look.

Dadoed Glass railing

Dadoed Glass railing is one option that has the cleanest appeal. It actually consists of a glass frame on which a wood frame is embedded on the top. The wood frame is basically there to hold a glass frame without any clip or holder. This interior glass railing system is the safest design and adds significant value to your decor and the overall outlook of the house.

Standoff Glass Railing

Standoff Glass Railing is another option in which a cylinder sort of screws is embedded at the corner of frameless glass in order to provide sufficient support to the glass railing. It is one of the minimalistic designs among other options. Visually you don’t see any obstacles blocking the view across the railing. It adds an elegant finish to the overall design.

Clamped Glass Railing

Clamped Glass Railing is the other option in which the glass frame is supported by glass clips that are mounted to the post or the shoe. That is completely up to you how many posts you use in order to highlight the design. Clamped Glass Railing is visually appealing and highly recommended.

Safety and Maintenance

Regardless of the fact that an indoor glass railing adds a significant value to your interior decor, safety is the primary factor that must be considered overall. Now please don’t get worried; the interior railing system is not only exquisite but can be the safest if you opt for the sturdy glass options available. Always go for a tempered or a laminated glass frame. Both the glasses are specially treated glasses that keep the frame from breakage, unlike ordinary glasses. Glass railing also requires maintenance, like any other part of your decor but in the simplest way. Just wipe the glass with a soft cloth and keep it from dirt and marks. Also, make sure not to scratch it with any hard object.


Since your indoor glass railing is made up of tempered or laminated glass, it is hard to break or damage and can last way longer than you think right now.

Cost and Budget

Glass railing budget is usually on the higher side since it is high on demand, and when you measure the elegance and value it adds to your decor; you find it worth the price. However, the cost depends on the design you choose. The minimalist design will cost you less..  Dadoed Glass railing usually is cheaper than the other two. Glass railing cost also depends on its installation. You can always choose between DIY and professionals. But we would suggest going for a professional one because of the reliability and sturdy fixing techniques. Glass railing is a valuable object, and one should not risk it for a few pennies. Believe it or not, its installation by a professional is worth spending for.

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Benefits and Contribution

  • Glass Railing is a modern-day decor, and visually it looks extremely pleasing. That is why most interior designers opt for indoor railing systems these days. It transforms your staircase and passages, a highlight spot of a house.
  • It can be easily cleaned by just wiping with a soft cloth without hassle and expense.
  • It allows a clear view around the space, which makes the area look aesthetically wide and pleasing.
  • It resists noise and wind and also offers protection from dust particles.
Time to

Choose the best one out

Out of so many glass railing options, you pick your favourite to decor your dream house in your desired way. So, you must not want all your efforts to go in vain just by saving a few pennies over its installation. Installing the railing by a non-professional will not only result in an unpleasant view but can also cause danger. Safety is the must-have factor in this case. The wrong and unprofessional placement could look aesthetically ugly and unfit; at the same time, it can also cause harm to a glass railing as well as any person.

Glass Shower Doors provides you with a Class A Interior glass railing system and offers sturdy installation service by highly experienced professionals. Moreover, post-installation care is also essential, and we make sure to provide you with that also. We pride ourselves on our product and service since we put our heart into our work and always tend to cherish our customers with the desired outcome. You can always reach out to us whenever you make your mind to go with the glass railing system. Our representative is available 24/7 to help you with all sorts of guidance you need regarding products and services. We wish you all the best for your project.