Glass Stair Railing

 We have a variety of styles and many different systems you can choose from. Each gives its own unique look and benefits to add to the luxury value of the home.

Beyond any doubt, we all know how fast the world is progressing in these times, may it be in technology, science, or industry. Although it’s up for debate whether modern lifestyles have taken a toll on our society, we can certainly say it has made everything fast and accessible for people. In terms of design and architecture, there has been a huge shift from the use of bricks to glass, the most popular choice for modern architecture.

Although there is a common misconception of the use of glass for residential properties, it is by far the most popular choice in housing. As the trends in the architectural world keep changing, they provide a versatile and minimalist look and blends in with any interior design you desire.

Different Types Of Glass Stair Railing System

Dadoed Glass Stair Railing

Dadoed glass railing is a system where glass panels are secured within the top and bottom railing offering a combination of sleek and traditional look.

Due to its design, it is also the most preferred choice for a family or pet owner as the surfaces could be secured with wooden decks or concrete providing no spindles.

Standoff Glass Stair Railing

Standoff glass handrail system is a system is comprised of round stainless steel mounts where the glass has holes pre-drilled for it to be leveled in place as it is secured using clamps that are attached to the staircase. This type of glass railing is mostly popular in the making of balconies providing an unobstructed view with minimal hardware.

Clamped Glass Stair Railing

Clamped glass railing is a system that features clear glass panels secured with glass clips that hold glass panels together in place and allow for them to be safely installed and utilized again without the need for drilling holes. High-quality glass clamps provide heat resistance and corrosion resistance serving a minimalist interior.


In these modern times, residential and commercial property owners want to ensure safety without comprising beauty. If you are thinking of upgrading your home with a new glass railing system, it might be the best decision to keep up with one of the most popular architectural trends. As beautiful as the view is, it is also easy to maintain, unlike other materials such as iron, wood, and other railing material. Glass can easily be cleaned and polished whenever needed. With high-quality stainless steel for clamps, it would be good as new.

Easy To Install

Glass railing systems are generally easy to install without the need for heavy preparatory work. The glass stair railing is usually made to order with specific measurements and can also be customized to your likings, from framed or frameless to tinted or frosted railings.


Are glass railings safe? This is the most question asked as soon as one thinks of installing glass railings system their home, especially people who have children in their household or pet owners. Breaking down the most common misconception, tempered glass is treated at a very high temperature for it to be able to withstand pressure and to make it extremely tough and durable, causing no injury.


Glass panels are safe to install as they are framed in aluminum and stainless steel, durable and indestructible. The tempered glass is very long-lasting and also offers a stunning aesthetic look to your home.

The glass used in railing systems has a low thermal conductivity but traps heat and reduces airflow. This is known as the greenhouse effect, and proper planning can increase the days you can spend on your deck as the weather cools.

The size and shape, and style of your railing system will determine the final price.

Yes, glass stair railings are designed to fit your site for easy installation.

Glass railings are more expensive than cable railing to purchase and install. Although cable railing is an excellent investment for those looking to keep the cost down, site lines are essential to the property’s value.

These are the top reasons why you should immediately install glass stair railings in your home without a thought to give that one last touch to your beautiful home.


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