Glass Shower Enclosures

An Excellent Option to Upgrade Any Bathroom

Glass Shower Enclosures

With advancements in hardware technology and glass production equipment, the usage of glass for showers has expanded dramatically, making glass showers the most common bathroom component. Glass shower doors are a great way to modernize any bathroom. Their primary role as a long-term replacement for shower curtains is to keep water out of the allocated shower area. Glass enclosures come in various shapes and sizes. Still, they invariably include one or more panes of glass as well as hardware. A crucial first decision is whether to go with a single glass panel (or shower screen), a swinging door, or a sliding door, depending on the arrangement and decor of your bathroom.

From there, you may narrow it down more by selecting variables such as style, glass thickness, glass type, height, and any other features such as towel bars, handles, and robe hooks. You’ll eventually have a unique shower door that matches your bathroom perfectly. Toronto Custom Glass proudly offers one of the industry’s largest varieties of quality shower doors, with over many years of bath and shower enclosure design and production experience. If you or your customer can dream it, we can build it. Glass thickness, glass type, metal finish, and a range of hardware designs and accessories are all entirely customized. Even If you don’t require a complete built enclosure, we can provide you with simply the components you need or glass cut to your exact size and form thanks to our substantial manufacturing facilities.

The Types Of

Shower Enclosures

A shower glass panel is a piece of fixed glass that surrounds your shower. The fixed section of a shower glass enclosure that remains still and stable beside the door is known as a shower glass panel. Some walk-in showers, some individuals employ a succession of glass shower panels to surround all except a small hole. Here are some of the different popular shower enclosures you need to know.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Quadrant shower enclosures provide an alternative to typical square or rectangular-shaped shower cabins. Quadrant shower enclosures have been chosen as a go-to option and can blend in with the existing decor and aesthetics of your home. They’re ideal for adding to a small space because of their shape, as it is a space-saving solution that works well in both small bathrooms and modern design schemes. A quadrant shower enclosure’s shape allows it to fit neatly into the corner of your bathroom, maximizing space. The shower’s front is curved, so it doesn’t stick out as much as other enclosures. Instead of the doors opening up into your space, quadrant enclosures often have sliding doors that slide across to allow room for a large entry/exit. Quadrant enclosures are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the right fit for your needs.

Square Enclosures

Many bathroom designs work well with square shower enclosures. Leading bathroom brands offer a variety of square showers, including pivot, bi-fold, and frameless options. It would help if you thought about the thickness of the glass (4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and sometimes even 10mm). A thicker glass door is generally more expensive, but it feels sturdier and more substantial. But that’s not the end of the narrative. We only sell quality, premium square shower enclosures from manufacturers we know and trust since the frame and hinges or components are equally crucial. You’ll benefit from extended warranties and exceptional service from the moment you contact us to long after you receive your lovely new enclosure.

Sliding Shower Door

A sliding shower door is the most fantastic option if you don’t want to give up any external or interior space. The sliding shower door is typically used for bigger enclosures, and the smooth sliding action makes it easy to open and close whenever you want. A sliding shower enclosure has become a more popular option in bathroom design in recent years. Sliding door shower enclosures come in various shapes and sizes, including rectangular, curved quadrant, and triple slider shower doors.

Walk-in Showers

Walk-in shower enclosures allow you to create a luxurious spa-like showering experience in the comfort of your own home. These enclosures are suitable for anyone with mobility challenges, as the reduced step and lack of a door make them ideal for those with larger bathrooms. These fixed glass screens can be placed immediately on a shower tray or a tiled and waterproofed wet room floor. Unlike a traditional shower cubicle with a door, a shower glass enclosure has no runners or hinges to trap filth and grime.

Framed Enclosures

The traditional norm is framed shower enclosures built for available openings. It signifies a metal frame around all four edges of the functioning door. Additional supports for the glass panel are required in bigger enclosures, such as those with a shower-tub combo. Therefore a framed shower enclosure is appropriate. A continuous header bar, which runs the length of the shower enclosure, is employed in most situations. They’re also less expensive because they allow builders to use lightweight tempered glass instead of the heavy-duty glass necessary in a frameless design, and they’re easier to install.

Frameless Enclosures

In the world of shower enclosures, frameless shower doors amd enclosures are the pinnacle of luxury and minimalism. They’re usually only seen on more expensive versions with 8mm–10mm thick glass. All other door types require some form of mechanism that requires a frame, so frameless designs are usually limited to hinged or sliding doors. They’re by far the most fashionable type of shower enclosure, and they look excellent in any bathroom.

Semi-Framed Enclosures

Semi-frameless shower enclosures are less expensive than frameless ones because they contain less structural framing along the wrists. Enclosures with solid metal framing surround each piece of glass, providing stability so you can make the most of your bathroom space. As a result, they combine the benefits of both frameless and framed shower enclosures.

Bi-Fold Enclosures

With a folding action, bi-fold shower doors open into the showering area. Because the door folds, there’s no risk of it encroaching on your outdoor bathroom space, and it’s still easy to go in and out thanks to a smooth and quick opening motion. It is an excellent option for small showering rooms; since it allows the shower enclosure to take up less space in your bathroom. These shower barriers also make it simple to get in and out.

Glass Shower Enclosures

In Canada, Toronto Custom Glass is delighted to be the industry leader in bespoke glass shower enclosures and doors for homeowners and builders. We provide a wide range of shower glass and glass shower hardware options, allowing you to create custom glass shower enclosures or doors that exactly fit your bathroom to give your bathroom a facelift by replacing existing shower glass and hardware. Whatever your idea, our installers and managers have been measuring, planning, quoting, and installing custom glass shower doors for many years and know to help you choose the right glass and hardware for your shower installation.