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Glass is a fantastic material that may increase the value and luxury of a home. High-quality exterior glass railings for patios, porches, decks, and balconies are among the greatest solutions available to homeowners today. Glass Shower Doors helps you with the fabrication and installation at your home or commercial property. We have a long history of designing, constructing, and installing high-quality glass railing systems for clients throughout Canada.

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Glass Railing

When it comes to choosing a railing system for one’s balcony or deck, interior glass railings are widely regarded as the best option. From a practical sense, these railings have several advantages. They are extremely durable, which is why they require little care and may endure for decades. Indeed, They are a particularly secure solution for elevated platforms. They do not decay, degrade, or wear away. Homeowners can envision these railing systems to be dependable and secure for the rest of their lives. Above all, glass fences are intended to provide continuous picturesque views while conserving adjacent scenes and surroundings.

Why Do You Need Glass Railings?

If you want something to give the impression that there is more space surrounding the property? Using glass is the best option for accomplishing this! Glass wall panels distort the surroundings, making it look larger than it is. This appearance is impossible to achieve with iron, chrome, or metal railing systems. If you and your loved ones want an open and spacious environment, using glass all around your surrounding like glass stair railings, glass partition, and glass sliding doors are the ideal answer. Furthermore, these Glass systems enable light to pass through and thus increase the presence of sunshine. When put indoors, they may also create a light and airy atmosphere.

Glass railings are recommended for homeowners since they may provide a touch of modern refinement when you want to sip your tea while sitting in the balcony early and the sun shine comes peeking through the glass awnings. This also comes in helpful when the time comes to sell one’s home. During the sales procedure, one might make huge gains in the profit.

Mounting Styles For Glass Railing Systems

There are three primary types of mounts to choose from: base/top, side, and integrated.

Base Mount

The most popular style of mount for glass railings is the base mount, often known as the top or floor mount. This style of railing installation is simple to complete.

The foundation may be installed on concrete, tiles, wood, metal plates, and constructions. It is advised that the flooring be completed before installing the railing system. Railings cannot be installed on brick or aerated concrete blocks because they do not provide a strong base.

Our floor mount glass railing systems include aluminum U channel profiles BV9900, BV7500, BV6500, BV6500L, BV5500, BV4500, and columns made of inox / stainless steel BV2500.

Side Mounts

Side installation of glass railings generally necessitates previous planning. It is installed on the exterior in this style of installation, taking up no space from the volume of the area. The side mounting is ideal for stairwells (Ex: glass stair railings) and balconies (Ex: Glass awnings). Side installation allows for a more aesthetically pleasing look of the railing, with just the glass visible from the inside. Glass holders are frequently employed inside mounting and contribute to a sturdy and secure railing installation. The stunning design produced with them is unmistakable.

BV9900S is the aluminum U channel that we provide for the side mount. In addition, we offer a larger selection of inox / stainless steel columns and glass holders for side installation – BV2500S, BV3500, and BV3500RS.

Integrated Mount

The first thing to notice about the integrated mount is that it necessitates meticulous preparation ahead of time to ensure that there are no issues when it comes time to attach the railings system.

The incorporation of the glass railing ensures the completed railing’s uncompromising robustness. Not only would it be robust, but another major benefit of the integrated mount is that just the glass is visible, with the glass railing profile fully covered. The integrated mount can meet all of the needs of architects, interior and exterior designers, and landscape architects. Typically, the profile is closed with two top covers at the front and back.

The glass railing systems for an integrated mount that we provide are the BV9900U, BV7500U, and BV6500L – all of which can easily accomplish even side integrated mount.


Glass panels with aluminum, stainless steel, or Ipe frames are very unbreakable. Many deck demolition jobs have taught us that tempered glass panels frequently outlive the decking and framework components. Glass is fully transparent, and tempered glass panes are extremely strong and secure.

Outdoor living rooms with direct exposure are frequently our favorite glass installation tasks. Typically, they are outdoor eating spaces or hot tub enclosures. Glass is an excellent windbreak, and there are several interesting and simple ways to incorporate it into your design.

Glass railings are priced similarly to other high-quality railing systems such as cable railings and ornate steel railings. There are several techniques to build glass railings, with the wood frame being the most cost-efficient, followed by aluminum and stainless steel.

They certainly can be. Feeney design rail kits are quite simple to install in level rail installations. Interior railings, glass stair railings, and other specialized scenarios are more complicated and will almost always need the services of a specialist.

For glass railings, two factors are critical: design and robustness. As a result, at Glass Shower Doors, we primarily employ two types of glass for our railings: laminated and tempered laminated. We utilize them because they give the security that our glass railing systems are what’s known for. Laminated glass is made by bonding two or more glass panels together using a specific foil (PVB). Laminated glass’s manufacturing procedure ensures that it keeps its structure even when fractured. We make no compromises when it comes to security!

The stainless steel alloy you choose for your project is determined by its location and context. If you reside in an area with little exposure to salts and pollutants, alloy 304 may be a more cost-effective and practical option, even for external applications.

If you reside in an area where harsher elements, such as sea salts, are present, a material with higher corrosion resistance, such as alloy 316 or 2205, is a wise investment for longer life and durability.

Being knowledgeable about your construction environment can also assist you in determining the ideal metals or materials for your project.

Standard glass cleaner or vinegar can be used to clean the glass. Any satin, black, or colored stainless steel baluster components, such as clamps or posts, should be cleaned with a soft cloth or moist sponge, mild soap, and warm water. To avoid water accumulation, buff dry.

Remember that just because stainless is stain-free doesn’t imply it’s invincible. Cleansers containing ammonia, bleach, acid, or caustic substances should be avoided, and abrasive cleaners or brushes should never be used.


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