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Custom Shower Doors

The landscape of bathrooms in today’s era has changed from top to bottom. It is no more a mere space where you bathe. It is more than just a bathroom. It is a space where people want to feel good and relax. Hence, more and more people are choosing glass doors and enclosures as a major part of their bathroom interior.

The more people opt for a particular material for their space, the more they want it to be unique and top-notch from others. Therefore now there are plenty of options available in the market when you need to choose a glass shower door that fits your needs and choice. Below are a few of the many shower door types which you can get custom-made at affordable prices.

Types Of Custom Shower Glass

Frameless Custom Shower Door

One of the most demanding designs in shower doors is frameless shower doors. You can get a variety of finest designs in frameless shower doors. If you are the one who adores a more dramatic look in their bathroom, then you should opt for a frameless shower door. A good shower glass company ensures safety by securing and fitting glass panels with high-quality clamps.

Framed Custom Shower Door

The other type of custom design you can have is framed shower doors. In framed shower doors, you can have custom-made aluminum or steel glass. A sleek design and excellent quality metal used don’t make framed shower doors any less beautiful than frameless glass.

Single Custom Shower Door

If you have a particular small portion for the shower, then a single glass shower door is the best choice for you. This type of glass door is also known as Solo. Solos are usually attached to the side walls. Even in solo, you have the freedom to choose your favourite shade of the glass, such as whether you want gloss glass or tinted glass.

Sliding Custom Shower Door

Another style in the shower door glass that is most loved and preferred is the sliding shower door. There is a complete line for sliding doors for your shower area or tub. Each design is unique and represents every person’s personal taste. Apart from the available designs in the sliding shower door, you can have your own custom-made sliding door selecting your preferred glass, type of knob, handle and towel bar. Take a step forward; you can also have a sliding glass enclosure.

Swinging Custom Shower Door

If your love is traditional architecture in your space, then a swinging shower door might be the right choice for you. Like sliding doors swinging doors can also come in completely frameless designs. Hence, giving you a modern-day look by being frameless, and the swing system gives the traditional aspect to your shower space.

Custom Spray Panel

Spray panels are for people looking for a minimalistic appearance in their interior. Custom-made spray panels are generally half-open, covering the area with rain head shower only. You can have it either attached to the ceiling or get screwed from the floor to the ceiling. If you have a huge space as your bathroom, you distribute spray panels at particular areas of your bathroom, creating a unique look.


When installing any kind of glass shower door, accurate measuring and installation are crucial. The area where the door is meant to be installed must be suitable for installing the glass door hardware. Although a major aspect of the installation depends on the quality of shower doors and other material related to it, aperture also plays a major in it. A trustworthy glass shower company will make sure its technicians check all your needs, keep in mind your style and cross-check walls and material as a safety measure.

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Customized Glass Shower Door

Is it your office? Or is it your home? A complete package including custom-made glass shower doors, panels, and enclosures tailored according to your needs and your project is not a dream anymore. If you are looking for custom glass shower doors near you, then we might become your partner in your dream bathroom landscape. You name it, and we’ll provide your desired glass shower door, complete with advanced technology and top-notch material that matches no other company. Toronto Custom Glass creates custom design glass shower doors panels and enclosures that can provide a variety of benefits just the way you thought. We can help your outdated bathroom turn into your dream bathroom. We are just a nudge away.

Toronto Custom Glass will make sure you get a spectacular performance from them and answer all your queries and concerns. You deserve better. You deserve us.


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